Thinking about starting your own MGA?

Want to be in the driving seat?

More flexibility?

A greater share of the reward?

Working with NuVenture means you get just that. If you’re an experienced underwriter with an entrepreneurial mindset and a solid idea for a new business, we’ve got the capital and services you need to set up your MGA and help it thrive.

NuVenture’s proposition

  • Business services
    With actuarial, administration, compliance, data, finance, HR, IT, legal, marketing, technology, etc. all handled via NuVenture, our founding teams can focus on what they do best: assessing risks, developing broker relationships, and building a strong book of business.
  • Capital
    We will fund your new MGA, covering build, launch and operating costs until your business becomes profitable. Unlike many of our competitors, this includes salaries for the founding teams. 
  • Governance
    Each MGA is supported by a governance and control framework, which is designed to ensure that they operate in a quality environment with best practice, good discipline, and regulatory compliance at its core.
  • Remuneration
    Founding teams are granted an equity stake as part of a transparent reward structure that’s aligned with the value created for capacity providers and NuVenture.
  • Tech
    Our data-driven API-enabled technology creates a frictionless and transparent trading model for our founding teams, giving them the information they need to make the best possible decisions.
  • Values
    NuVenture creates MGAs based on a culture of integrity, respect, innovation, and authenticity – creating an enjoyable and rewarding working environment where great ideas can take flight.

Sound good? We should talk.

If you’re excited by the idea of starting a new insurance venture with the capital, support, and expertise of NuVenture behind you, contact us via 



Case Study: BluNiche

What’s it really like to launch an MGA with NuVenture? This case study shows the
experience from BluNiche’s perspective.


The Team

An introduction to the people you’ll be working with when you start your journey with NuVenture?


Culture & Values

NuVenture will always be guided by our core values: Integrity, Respect and Transparency.

Office Location

1st Floor, 8 Lloyds Avenue,
London, England, EC3N 3EL