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NuVenture Proposition

Our mission is to influence change in the world of MGAs and how they operate. That’s why we’re called NuVenture. It’s a new venture for our parent company — Xceedance International. It’s a new venture for CEO Andy Colbran and his team. It’s a new venture for our partners. And it’s a new venture for every founding team that establishes an MGA and joins us on the journey.

NuVenture enhances and simplifies the way MGAs engage with capital providers, while rethinking the underwriting process to consistently deliver high quality underwriting.





By blending our modern technology platform with extensive professional service support and best of breed third party data services, our underwriters are left unencumbered and free to do what they do best — risk selection and underwriting.


By removing pressure to grow the top line at the expense of bottom line profitability, our underwriters are encouraged to select only the best risks.


By aligning the interests of our capital providers and our underwriters through a shared equity structure, which links the value created for founding teams with the value created for capital providers and NuVenture.

In this way our MGAs can remain entirely focussed on the quality of underwriting and risk selection, and fully aligned with the interests of our capital providers.

Scalability and Flexibility

Our first-class back-office processing service is focussed on quality and is inherently flexible in terms of expertise, geography, and scale. Our variable cost model for founding teams accelerates profitability and removes pressure to grow at the expense of underwriting profit.

Office Location

1st Floor, 8 Lloyds Avenue,
London, England, EC3N 3EL